About Us

C & H Construction was founded in 1970 by my father. In 1997 I purchased the company and formed C & H Sport Surfaces Inc. The belief of quality, attention to detail and dependable service has continued throughout the years.

C & H Sport Surfaces Inc. completes approximately 80 tennis courts, 10-15 basketball courts, 2-4 running tracks as well as numerous crack repair and maintenance projects each summer. Filling and sealing the cracks in tennis court and running track facilities can prolong the life of its surface, allows for safe play while protecting your investment from damage caused by water intrusion. Contact us for your tennis court, basketball court, and running track resurfacing needs.
Since the summer season in the Midwest is limited, not only do you need a qualified and dependable contractor that has efficient employees, you also need a contractor that uses the best products on the market today. C & H Sport Surfaces, Inc. recommends, and uses Vance Brothers Inc. “ADVANTAGE SPORT COATING “ products for the surfacing of tennis courts and basketball courts. Over the years, Vance Brother products have proven to be durable and long lasting when the manufactured specifications are followed. We also rely on the running track products from ADVANCED POLYMER TECHNOLOGIES. DOUGLAS INDUSTRIES is our reliable source for quality tennis and basketball accessories.